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Liante blow molding tray manufacturers: blow molding tray test methods and points of attention

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Liante blow molding tray manufacturers: blow molding tray test methods and points of attention

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Blow molded trays are well known for their superior tolerance to low temperatures and harsh environments. Can withstand high temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius, low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius can also be used normally, so many companies are ready to move.

Blow molding tray manufacturers are also very proud of it, its molding temperature is about 220-230 degrees Celsius.


Today, let's take a look at the blow molding tray test method, and pay attention to it, so that you can choose which one is suitable for you when you choose the tray.

First, dynamic load test

Dynamic load is the maximum weight that the pallet can withstand when operating, such as when using a forklift. During the test, select the appropriate stacking method according to the shape and packaging of the goods, stack the weight to the height that the pallet can withstand, and test with a forklift.

Second, static load test

Static load refers to the maximum weight that the bottom tray can withstand when the pallet is stored and stacked. Single-layer stacking or multi-layer stacking goods are tested on flat ground.

Third, high temperature and high humidity

Simulate the actual environment during the test, try to use the temperature as close as possible, and operate it in the applicable temperature of the tray to ensure normal operation. Plastic pallets have a certain moisture resistance and can be used in high humidity conditions, but the goods should be packed as much as possible.

Fourth, bending experiment (deformation)

In the case of violent operations, shelf use, forklift hydraulic vehicles and other equipment. How tight the tray is is also very important. The surface is not bent and does not deform, which means that the goods are not easy to be scattered, and it is not easy to age.

Five, weight test

Under normal operation, the maximum load that the pallet can withstand, the stacking height is the key to testing.

Sixth, the angle drop experiment

In the drop test caused by the application of the height error operation, the blow molding tray manufacturer found that the tray of the blow molding process is also well tolerated and can be used normally without maintenance.


For the performance test of blow molding trays, everyone is also very interested. The violent test done in the past has given everyone a certain understanding of the impact resistance of blow molding trays. The test is not only to check the quality of the tray, but also to make it easier for you to see the suitable use scene of this tray.

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