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Blow molding tray with mechanical equipment

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Blow molding tray with mechanical equipment

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For mechanical equipment, everyone thinks about excavators as soon as they hear them. Today is not an excavator, it is a mechanical device used in conjunction with blow molding trays. Commonly used manual hydraulic vehicles, forklifts, etc., are used in conjunction with blow molding trays to improve work efficiency. Do you know about the common methods of using mechanical equipment? Today, Liante Technology (blow molding tray manufacturer) tells you what should you pay attention to when using the blow molding tray?

First, with the use of manual hydraulic vehicles


There is no stranger to the hydraulic car. Everyday you can see the figure in the supermarket. It is easy to operate, but there are still some places to pay attention to. Blowing pallets have good load-bearing capacity, but pay attention to the load-bearing of hydraulic vehicles and control the height of the cargo to ensure its safety.

Be careful when using it, the hydraulic car should be lowered to the lowest position to avoid accidents. Pay attention to daily inspection and maintenance and timely maintenance. When you are turning around in a narrow space, pay attention to the environment and be careful about cargo safety.

Second, use with forklifts


The use of blow molding pallets for forklifts is also relatively frequent. When using them, care should be taken to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Before the goods are forked, the goods are determined to be stable and reliable. When hydraulic trucks and forklifts are operated, it is necessary to extend the forks into the tray to change the angle.

The forklift is sure to start smoothly. When the forklift fork is high, be careful not to pay too much attention to safety. Do not raise the load except when stacking or loading.

When obscuring the line of sight by large cargo, the forklift should be turned down and the surrounding environment should be noted. Finally, in non-special circumstances, do not stand on the forklift pallet.

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