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What are the determinants of the price of blow molding trays?

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What are the determinants of the price of blow molding trays?

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Today, let's talk about the price of blow molding trays that everyone is interested in. Does the various types of pallets make you unable to start? What is the standard for pricing blow molding trays? Jin Shanglai Plastic Industry has compiled the following key information so that you can no longer be confused when choosing a tray.

What you want to know, the determinants of the price of blown pallets


First, the carrying capacity

Carrying capacity is one of the most important capabilities of blow molding trays. Different trays with different carrying capacity have different prices. Generally, it is ok to choose a tray that suits your carrying capacity. Avoid greed or exceed the tolerance of the tray.

Second, raw materials

This is very important and is easily overlooked by the customer. Recycled materials will be cheaper, but the performance and life expectancy are not as good as the new materials. The simple way is to ask customer service directly, and the basic price will probably be available.

Third, the production process

Mainly for the requirements of machinery and equipment, pallet molds, high precision, high mold cost, and some details, whether there are anti-slip blocks, whether there are anti-slip strips and so on. It is also an important measure of the price of blow molded pallets.

Fourth, product brand

The brand value of the product is reflected in whether the production process is mature, fine, the performance of the pallet is stable, the credibility of the manufacturer, and the value of the after-sales service of the pallet.

5. Is it a regular tray?

Whether it is a regular tray in the market, there are many suppliers. It is also a measure of the price of blow molding trays. The price of custom pallets is still higher than conventional pallets due to molds and other reasons.


Everyone has a bottom in the price of blow molding trays. Liante Technology (blow molding tray manufacturers) prompts that when purchasing blow molding trays, pay attention to product details and communicate with customer service. In order to choose the blow molding tray that suits you.

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