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Introduction to the production process and process of plastic pallets

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Introduction to the production process and process of plastic pallets

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With the development of China's plastic pallet market, the production technology of plastic pallets and the specific production process have become the focus of attention in the industry. Commonly used plastic pallets are divided into: injection molding trays and blow molding trays.


Here is a brief introduction to the two plastic trays:

(1) Injection tray: Low-pressure high-density polyethylene, molded by injection molding.

(2) Blowing tray: It is produced by high-molecular-weight high-density polyethylene blow molding.

The following is a description of the production process and process of injection molded plastic pallets:

Injection molding installs the following process flow for production: a, mold clamping b, injection c, pressure d, cooling e, mold opening f, product removal 1. mold clamping The injection molding machine can be divided into a mold clamping device and an injection device. The mold clamping device is a mold opening and closing mold to perform a mold release operation, and has a toggle method as shown, and a direct pressure method in which a mold is directly opened and closed by a hydraulic cylinder. In the injection device, the resin is heated and melted and then injected into the mold. At this time, the screw is rotated, and the resin charged into the hopper is stopped at the tip end of the screw, and is discharged after passing through a stroke corresponding to the required amount of resin. When the resin flows in the mold, the moving speed of the screw is controlled and controlled by pressure (pressure maintaining) after filling the resin. When a certain screw position or a certain injection pressure is reached, the speed control is switched to the pressure control.


2. Injection Mold: Mold refers to the metal type used to inject and inject the resin in order to make the material resin into a certain shape. The dissolved material enters the mold from the gate and is filled into the mold cavity through the flow passage and the runner. Next, the mold is removed from the mold on the stripping rod of the mold opening machine by the cooling process, and the molded product is pushed out. 3. Injection molding of the product: The molded product is composed of a gate flowing into the molten resin, a flow path introduced into the cavity, and a product part. Since one molding operation can only make one product, it is not efficient. If several channels can be connected by a flow path, several products can be formed simultaneously. At this time, when the flow path lengths of the respective cavities are different, the resin cannot be filled at the same time, and most of the cavities have different sizes, appearances, and physical properties, and therefore the flow paths are usually designed to have the same length.

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