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Comparison of blown trays and injection trays

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Comparison of blown trays and injection trays

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Blow molding tray is a tray that is built on the advantages of injection molding trays and overcomes its shortcomings. He is a trend in the development of plastic pallets, especially in the industries of bagged products and boxed products.


Advantages of blow molding trays relative to injection trays:

 First, the blown tray is large, the long-term use of the pallet can reach more than 2 tons, and the short-term use of the injection tray, or a few turnovers can barely reach 2 tons, but with the increase of time and the increase of the frequency of use, Bending and denaturation increase, and the load can only reach 1.5 tons in long-term use. PetroChina, Sinopec, and COFCO have gradually begun to designate blow molding trays. The static load can reach 6 tons. The internal pressure-resistant column can be placed freely without deformation.

 Second, the blow molding tray has a long service life and the average life span is 3 times that of the injection molding tray. Due to the palletizing products, the pallet loading requirements are very strict, and the turnover is frequent. It requires three layers of pallets. Due to the unevenness of the bag packaging, the pallet in the middle is deformed during the palletizing process. Over time, the pallet is damaged. . Blow molding trays overcome the shortcomings of fragile, denatured, and short life of injection molded trays.

 Third, the blow molding tray has good anti-slip effect, the surface adopts point-like anti-slip, the blow molding tray adopts point-like anti-slip, forming protection for the product, the injection tray anti-slip mat, easy to fall off after a long time, and easy to bulge, scratching products and scraping Injury product packaging.


4. The blown tray can still be used after severe damage.

5. After the injection tray is damaged, it can only be scrapped (because the goods are too heavy, the middle of the tray is broken)

6. The blow molding tray is soft, because the workers are in actual operation, and the pallet has a heavier weight. Workers can't handle the trays lightly, and they usually fall off directly. Blowing trays are resistant to falling, and generally do not break. The injection tray is too brittle, and it is easy to break the foot and produce burrs.


7. When the forklift driver is working, due to the line of sight, the forklift is easy to hit the pallet during the fork process. The blown tray is soft. After hitting it, only a hole can be left, no bumps or flashes. . When the injection tray is hit, it changes greatly, with bumps, flashing edges, and sometimes scrapping directly.

8. In the injection tray, the burrs formed by the injection holes are likely to scratch the product.

Nine, the injection tray is easy to flash, burr. Scratch the product.

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