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Introduction of two molding methods for flat plastic pallets

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Introduction of two molding methods for flat plastic pallets

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Flat plastic pallets are favored and sought after by the food and pharmaceutical industries for their anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, and non-mold. In addition, flat plastic trays have a wide range of applications in the chemical, textile, and manufacturing industries due to their high load carrying capacity and long service life. So what kind of molding method does the flat plastic pallet have in production?


The first type: injection molding

The flat plastic tray products produced by injection molding are flat, smooth, crisp and compact, and have a wide degree of product design freedom. They are divided into double-sided flat plastic trays and single-sided flat plastic trays.

Second: extrusion-hollow blow molding

Extrusion-Blow Molding of Blow Molded Plastic Tray Similar to the general blow molding method of hollow products, because of its large size and double-sided type, large extruders, mold clamping machines and molds are required. Wait. At present, domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed a large-scale hollow molding machine that specializes in high-speed production of high-strength blow-molded flat plastic pallets. It is produced by HMWHDPE high-strength plastics, with fast forming speed, good product quality, high strength and high rigidity. Long service life, the life of flat plastic pallets can reach 5~10 years, and it can work stably in the environment of -40~40 °C. The dynamic load of its products can reach more than 3t, and the flexural strength reaches a high level.


In general, blown flat plastic pallets are the preferred pallets for long-life, high-strength environments. They are currently more expensive than other plastic pallets because of their long service life, so their price/performance ratio is the highest among all pallets. .

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