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3 small tricks teach you how to distinguish plastic trays

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3 small tricks teach you how to distinguish plastic trays

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Nowadays, there are more and more types of plastic pallets on the market, which makes people have a headache when choosing plastic pallets (blow molding trays). So, how to choose a more cost-effective plastic tray among the many plastic pallets? 3 small tricks teach you how to distinguish plastic trays.


With the rapid development of society, plastic pallets are an important tool in many fields such as transportation, warehousing and logistics, and plastic pallets are in a pivotal position. With the wide application of plastic pallets, different industries have different requirements for plastic pallets. The quality of plastic pallets directly or indirectly affects the development of enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to choose cost-effective plastic pallets.

How to distinguish plastic trays?

The first measure: plastic tray raw materials

Regardless of the product, raw materials are essential and are the determining factor. To judge the quality of a plastic pallet, you must first look at the raw materials. The raw materials of plastic pallets are divided into new materials and recycled materials. I believe that everyone can distinguish them from the names of raw materials. Recycled materials are recycled and reused, so the plastic pallets of recycled materials have better performance than all new plastic pallets. It's all bad, and the price will be cheap. Everyone must choose to pay attention to the distinction.


Plastic pallet raw materials

The second measure: plastic tray bearing

The load-bearing capacity of the plastic pallet affects the service life of the plastic pallet. The selected plastic pallet has poor load-bearing performance, and the service life is greatly shortened and the cost is increased. Regardless of the industry, you must choose a plastic pallet that can meet the development needs of the industry. Don't be cheap, the load-bearing performance will not be achieved, the service life will be shortened, and the cost of input will be increased.

The third measure: plastic tray weight

When many people choose plastic pallets, the weight of plastic pallets is also a factor that everyone considers. However, it is important to note that the weight of the plastic tray should be as light as possible. The weight of the plastic tray is too light, and the use of raw materials is small, so the performance of the plastic tray will be affected. Therefore, when choosing a plastic pallet, we must combine the development of the industry and choose a suitable plastic pallet. If it is not clear, we can consult the plastic pallet manufacturer, and they will be more professional.


I introduced you to the three tricks to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets. Are you mastered? If you have more questions about plastic pallets, you can consult!

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