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Blow molding tray manufacturers tell you how to choose the tray size

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Blow molding tray manufacturers tell you how to choose the tray size

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The choice of the size of the plastic tray is a problem that many customers have to deal with. Only when purchasing a plastic tray that meets the size requirements of their own products can the demand in the transportation process be better met. If the size of the plastic tray is too large or too small, it will directly affect the efficiency in the operation process, and will also increase the cost of the enterprise. The lower dough force plastic industry Xiaobian will tell you some simple methods to choose the size of the plastic tray.


1. In purchasing, you should first understand your own use, taking into account the specific specifications of your goods and how they are placed on plastic pallets.

2. Consider what the pallet loading tool is, whether it is a truck or a container. For example, if it is a one-time use, it is necessary to give priority to the integration of the transport container width of 2300mm. For the 1100*1100mm pallet, place 2 columns, 2 forks or 4 forks.

3. If the purchased plastic pallet is used in warehouse goods

If it is used on the shelf, it is necessary to consider the width of the shelf and the depth and size of the shelf. In general, the two types of pallets are placed on each layer of the shelf, and a storage space of about 200 mm is reserved. The large size is given in the depth direction, which does not cause too much load on the plastic tray, and can effectively save transportation costs and reduce the cost of the enterprise.


4. If you choose the size of the general plastic tray, you also need to consider whether it is the national standard 1210, or the European standard 1208, or the T11 Japanese standard. Because there is a gap between the three standard sizes, you must make it clear to the customer when purchasing.

The plastic waste bins produced by Liante Technology Co., Ltd. (blow molding tray manufacturers) are widely used in sanitation, property, schools, hospitals, etc. Plastic pallets have flat nine-legged, Chuanzi, Tianzi, mobile and other series. It is formed by one-time molding by blow molding process. It has the advantages of light weight, firmness, beauty, durability, easy cleaning, anti-static and recyclability. At the same time, the series of trolleys has also been favored and recognized by users. The development and processing of molds are numerous. Large and medium-sized enterprises maintain a good cooperative relationship.

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