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Outdoor plastic trash can bring a lot of convenience to our lives.

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Outdoor plastic trash can bring a lot of convenience to our lives.

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Plastic trash cans can be used in many places, let professional plastic trash can manufacturers introduce the advantages of our outdoor plastic trash cans, our products have to go through the wind, so the quality of the products is very high.


(1) 100% high-density polyethylene or polypropylene raw materials are injection-molded and durable.

(2) New raw materials to effectively prevent the corrosion of weak acid and weak alkali.

(3) No-slit structure design, leak-proof structure 100% passed the test.

(4) The barrel is clean and clean, reducing garbage residue and easy to clean.

(5) The barrel body, the box mouth and the bottom are specially reinforced and thickened to withstand various external force parts (such as collision, lifting and falling, etc.).

(6) It can be nested with each other for convenient transportation, saving space and cost.

(7) It can be used normally in the temperature range of -30 °C ~ 65 °C.


The plastic waste bins produced by Liante Technology Co., Ltd. (blow molding tray manufacturers) are widely used in sanitation, property, schools, hospitals, etc. Plastic pallets have flat nine-legged, Chuanzi, Tianzi, mobile and other series. It is formed by one-time molding by blow molding process. It has the advantages of light weight, firmness, beauty, durability, easy cleaning, anti-static and recyclability. At the same time, the series of trolleys has also been favored and recognized by users. The development and processing of molds are numerous. Large and medium-sized enterprises maintain a good cooperative relationship.

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