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The trash can has a taste and can’t stand it. There are coups here.

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The trash can has a taste and can’t stand it. There are coups here.

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Is the garbage growing more and more, are you worried about the problem of garbage cleaning? Does your outdoor trash can smell bad every time you open the trash can lid? Is there something slimy that you don't want to touch?

I don't know how everyone is. Xiaobian is a lazy person. Xiaobian is not very diligent in cleaning. So she racked her brains and finally came up with the easiest way to clean up a large outdoor trash can.

Each of us has housework to do, which is necessary to keep our home functioning properly, but no one thinks that cleaning up the garbage is a pleasant process. Maybe you hate cleaning the toilet or afraid to wash your clothes. However, the most uncomfortable thing for Xiaobian is to take the garbage out of the stinky trash can!

In theory, the garbage should be tightly packed in the garbage bag, so all you have to do is take it out of the big trash can. However, for people like Xiaobian who are used to throwing garbage bags into the garbage and then kicking them out of my life forever, this is a task, a difficult task, throwing away garbage every time. After that, I wanted to take a shower and remove the smell that was full of bad smells.


Ok, this may be a bit dramatic, but you understand, Xiaobian is a little bit jealous! The worst thing about bringing garbage to a large trash can is the smell. How could it be so bad? After all, it was tightly fixed in a beautiful garbage bag.

But is life not full of accidents? In life, it happens to each of us, there may be a hole in the bag that has been torn, or someone throws some rubbish into a trash can without a bag! Scum, dirt, and slimy things piled up on clean trash cans that once shimmered, somehow creating an almost unbearable stench.

You may not want to be close to the contaminated trash can, let alone touch it. But don't be afraid! What you can do is actually very simple! Every once in a while, we have to clean up the big trash can outside!

I know that you don't want to do it, but if you take out the garbage, you have to hold your nose for a whole minute, then scrub like a doctor after surgery. You will be excited after spending a few minutes cleaning the outdoor trash can. . Whenever you throw garbage and have to pinch your nose, you will think of the suggestion of Xiaobian. The easiest way to clean large outdoor trash cans. Small trash cans can be placed in the dishwasher (of course without a plate) for easy cleaning. If you are a bacterial phobia like me, you may want to have a chance to clean your dishwasher in the future, but people like Xiaobian are a minority!


Large trash cans, such as trash cans that you put outside for sanitation workers, can be a bit tricky to clean up. Don't be afraid, there is a very simple way to remove the stench and make them smell fresh. Here are a few simple steps:

1. Put your trash can in a place where it can get wet.

2. Spray a little dish soap into the inside.

3. Spray the trash can with a sprayer attached to the hose!

4. Empty the water.

5. Rinse.

Repeat as necessary, it will foam a lot, but heavy sprayers almost always remove dirt from the sides and bottom. Only in extreme cases, you need to use a pressure washer or scrub brush to manually clean the trash can.

You can barely touch the trash can itself and get a sparkling clean, almost new trash can. Every family is different, but it should be enough to clean up your outdoor trash cans seasonally.

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