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How is the plastic trash can sprayed?

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How is the plastic trash can sprayed?

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Plastic trash cans are widely used and loved by consumers. They are also widely seen in our production and life! But do you know why plastic trash cans have so many colors on the surface? In fact, this is the same as the plastic spray can, so I will give you a brief introduction.


The plastic waste bins are basically produced by the spray method, because the color difference is avoided, and the environmental protection has a long service life. The first method of spray coating is to remove oil, dust, rust, etc. from the surface of the workpiece.

If it is a special workpiece, it should be sprayed with a high-performance electrostatic spray machine. Then, the high-temperature curing is carried out, and the sprayed workpiece is pushed into the curing furnace, heated to a predetermined temperature, and kept for a corresponding time; the furnace is taken out and cooled to obtain a finished product.


So we can see the variety of colors of plastic trash cans, this is because of the problem of plastic spray in plastic trash cans! If you need to buy more trash bins, plastic trash can manufacturers, classified trash cans, plastic trash can related advice, you can contact!

The plastic waste bins produced by Liante Technology Co., Ltd. are widely used in sanitation, property, schools, hospitals, etc. The plastic pallets have flat nine-legged, Chuanzi, Tianzi, mobile and other series, which are formed by one-time blow molding process. It has the advantages of light weight, firmness, beauty, durability, easy cleaning, anti-static and recyclable. At the same time, the series of trolleys has also been favored and recognized by the majority of users. The development and processing of molds is well maintained with many large and medium-sized enterprises. Partnership.

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