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How to remove the environmentally-friendly trash can?

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How to remove the environmentally-friendly trash can?

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Environmentally-friendly trash cans are a product that we often use in our daily lives, and they are very widely used outdoors. The use of environmentally friendly trash can also brings a lot of benefits to help us clean. However, when using an environmentally friendly trash can, it will encounter an odor. How should I remove the odor at this time? Let us talk about the method of Fujian environmental waste bin manufacturers.

Environmental trash can remove odor


After the plastic sanitation trash can is used for a long time, there will be odor in the barrel. If it is not cleaned up in time, there will be a bad smell, so it must be deodorized. If the sanitation trash can smells, it is mainly because there is too much water in the bucket, so you can put a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the trash can, put two or three packets of desiccant on the newspaper, and the desiccant can absorb the garbage. Moisture, no moisture can not evaporate the smell.

There is also the possibility to find some old stockings, put some charcoal in it, make it a charcoal bag, hang it on the lid of the trash can, or stick the charcoal bag with tape, which can also reduce the smell of the trash can. A good way.

The environmentally-friendly trash can will have an odor after a long period of use. According to the above method, the odor can be cleaned well, and it is hoped that it can help everyone. If you need to buy an environmental trash can, please contact us to contact us.


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