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Blowing tray manufacturers to identify the quality of the tray

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Blowing tray manufacturers to identify the quality of the tray

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There are many factors that affect the quality of blow molding trays. How to choose the right blow molding tray? Today, blow molding tray manufacturers will take you to understand the five main points of identifying the quality of blow molding trays.

What? Blow molding tray manufacturers rely on these 5 points to identify the quality of the pallet?


1, blown tray weight

In the case of the same proportion of raw materials, the larger the weight of the tray, the more raw materials used, and the higher the price.

2, the raw materials of the blow molding tray

The raw materials of the blow molding tray are generally divided into two types: new materials and recycled materials. Two kinds of pallets to see the demand selection, it is recommended to choose a full-qualified manufacturer, because the certificate is not complete, if the manufacturer shoddy, it is difficult to guarantee after the sale. Whether it is a new material or a returning tray, it can meet the needs of use.

3. Proportion of recycled materials

The proportion of recycled material (recycled material) is also an important determinant of the quality of the pallet. Generally, the proportion of the new material in the return tray of the blow molding tray manufacturer is 80%, and the different proportions of the pallets are different. The proportion of recycled material determines the price of the pallet and also affects its performance.

4, blow molding tray structure

The same weight, raw materials and proportions, and the structure of the tray are different in price. Tray that needs to be reworked, or a pallet with a special structure, because the mold needs to be customized, the price will be higher. In addition to the structure of the tray, some accessories, such as wheels, need to take into account the actual performance.

5, blown tray material

Commonly used are polyethylene and polypropylene. Blow molded trays are generally used with impact resistant high density polyethylene. Recycled materials are also divided into: first-grade renewable materials, secondary renewable materials, and the price is not to be said. The prices of these two raw materials vary, and their prices will change with international oil prices.

The above 5 points are commonly used by blow molding tray manufacturers to identify the quality of blown trays. I hope to help everyone.


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