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Chemical blow molding tray manufacturers give you a low price guide

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Chemical blow molding tray manufacturers give you a low price guide

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It’s hard to be a good woman, no matter how good the rice is, no matter how good the budget is, it’s also a white talk. Blow molding trays are more expensive than general pallets because of process and raw materials.

However, its impact resistance is better than that of traditional trays, and its resistance to harsh environments and low temperature environments is also irreplaceable by traditional trays. If you want a good quality tray and don't want to spend a lot of money, this guide can help you.


First, the factory wholesale

It is more cost-effective to choose a wholesale factory, and the general ex-factory price is relatively affordable. If there are more cooperations in the future, the manufacturers will give more benefits to the customers. And there is more room for wholesale selection, and the amount can be pressed to the price. For customers with limited budgets, it is also a good choice.

Second, the nearest choice

The nearest choice of manufacturers, the general freight is more cost-effective. Conditions allow you to directly pull the goods yourself, saving the cost of shipping. There are no manufacturers in the annex, you can also contact the manufacturers with cost-effective, and then compare. In the case of the same quantity, the price gap of the manufacturer's blow molding tray is not large, and the amount is not much lower than the price, and the freight saved is big.

Third, a transport

Some customers need to transport the blow molding tray twice for personal reasons, so the cost is undoubtedly higher. General manufacturers recommend that customers try to transport them as soon as possible. To see the quality of the product, you can communicate with the manufacturer and send a sample test.

Fourth, determine the address

Because of the customer who has changed the address, the cost of subsequent transportation becomes higher. Therefore, confirm the shipping address when using. Be sure to check and accept the site, and communicate with the manufacturer in time. Avoid violent logistics and cause damage to the goods. After acceptance, it is more troublesome to determine the damage. If problems are solved as soon as possible, the cost of loss can be reduced.

Looked at the low price strategy of the above blow molding tray, I hope to bring help to everyone, there are many price factors, and you are welcome to leave a message to discuss and improve this article.

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