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Double-sided blow molding tray manufacturers, quality assurance, choose Liante

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Double-sided blow molding tray manufacturers, quality assurance, choose Liante

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Plastic pallets are becoming more and more common today, but do you know about blow molding tray manufacturers? Blow molding trays are also a type of plastic tray, but they are different from the production process of injection trays. Its load-bearing performance is better than that of injection molding, and it is more demanding for customers with higher load-bearing requirements.


Blow molding tray manufacturer, quality assurance, choose us never regret

Quality is especially important when choosing a blow molding tray manufacturer. Because the use environment is generally heavy goods, the quality of the blown tray is easy to cause damage to the goods, it is also a safety threat to the staff. At the same time, the quality of the tray is not up to standard, easy to age, and the life is not long.

Manufacturers of blow molding trays generally choose to have a reputation and have stable customers. This is more reliable, and it can be seen that the manufacturer's after-sales guarantee. Jin Shanglai Plastic Industry has long-term cooperation with many large enterprises. The cooperation experience is rich, the quantity is large and stable, the annual output is one million, and the quality is guaranteed.

Choose the blow molding tray manufacturer, and also see how the manufacturer's equipment. Jinshanglai Plastics has complete equipment, stable performance of imported equipment, professional maintenance, and stable product quality. Can accept product customization, printing LOGO for plastic pallets, etc. Professional products to find professional manufacturers, Jinshang to customize the signable confidentiality agreement, so that you can customize more peace of mind; quality online, let you use more assured.


The plastic waste bins produced by Liante Technology Co., Ltd. are widely used in sanitation, property, schools, hospitals, etc. The plastic pallets have flat nine-legged, Chuanzi, Tianzi, mobile and other series, which are formed by one-time blow molding process. It has the advantages of light weight, firmness, beauty, durability, easy cleaning, anti-static and recyclable. At the same time, the series of trolleys has also been favored and recognized by the majority of users. The development and processing of molds is well maintained with many large and medium-sized enterprises. Partnership.

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