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Outdoor trash can component

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Outdoor trash can component

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Generally, outdoor trash cans clearly classify garbage. There are two buckets, one with red words to indicate non-recyclable garbage, and one with green words to mark recyclable garbage. When throwing garbage, For some paper garbage, wooden garbage or some beverage bottles, etc., which can be recycled and reused, can be directly thrown into the trash can that can be recycled, but if it is some plastic bags or other garbage that cannot be recycled. Just throw it into the trash can that can't be recycled. The specific components are as follows:


The entire frame of the outdoor trash can is basically made of steel, and the steel surface is rust-proof and corrosion-proof at the time of production.

The outdoor trash can is mainly composed of two large parts of the barrel and the inner tank, and the barrel part is further divided into: a steel part and a wooden part.

1. The steel part of the outdoor trash can is mainly made of steel and steel, and the welding and cutting of the steel part are made according to a unique process. In addition, the steel part of the outdoor trash can is used for the components of the trash can after being processed, finished, dusted, pickled, painted, etc.

2. The wood strip part of the outdoor trash can should be well prepared to meet the needs of outdoor trash cans, which are generally produced by a unique process. The specific production process is as follows: firstly, the good wood is cut according to the specifications of the wooden strip required for the outdoor garbage can, and the wooden strip is subjected to a certain drying treatment; then, the dried wooden strip is subjected to a series of processing. The wooden strip has a good flatness, and the flatness of the wooden strip is guaranteed, and then the wooden strip can be painted; after the wooden strip is painted, the wooden strip needs to be professionally polished. After the surface of the strip is very smooth, the strip is painted.


3. The quality of the inner liner of the outdoor trash can directly affects the service life and work performance of the outdoor trash can. Therefore, the requirements for the inner liner of the outdoor trash can are very high. Often the liner of the outdoor trash can is made of FRP, and the manufacturing process of the liner is also very particular. As far as I know, the inner liner is processed by punching. In addition, the inner bin of the outdoor trash can pass the quality inspection of the relevant part. So the quality is qualified.

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