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Environmental sanitation trash can spray process introduction

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Environmental sanitation trash can spray process introduction

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We usually use a variety of trash cans, spray plastic trash can is a very common production process, corresponding to the traditional paint can trash can, spray plastic trash can has very good characteristics, will lead today Everyone goes to know the spray-molding process in the production process of the trash can: The principle of spray is to spray the powder coating onto the surface of the workpiece by electrostatic powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spray machine). Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece. , forming a powder coating; the powder coating is cured by high-temperature baking and flattening, and becomes a final coating with different effects (different kinds of powder coating effects); the spraying effect is mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, It is superior to the painting process in terms of aging resistance. Spray molding process



1. Pre-treatment: Purpose: Remove oil, dust, rust on the surface of the workpiece, and create a "phosphorization layer" on the surface of the workpiece that is corrosion-resistant and can increase the adhesion of the spray coating. Main process steps: degreasing, descaling, phosphating, passivation. After the pre-treatment of the workpiece, not only the surface has no oil, rust and dust, but also a uniform and rough gray phosphating film which is not easy to rust on the silver-white shiny surface, which can prevent rust and increase the spray coating. Adhesion.

2. Electrostatic spraying: Purpose: Spray the powder coating evenly on the surface of the workpiece. Special workpieces (including locations where electrostatic shielding is easy to occur) should be sprayed with a high-performance electrostatic spray machine. Process steps: Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, a layer of powder coating is sprayed evenly on the surface of the workpiece, and the dropped powder is recovered through a recovery system and can be reused after being sieved.

3. High temperature curing: Objective: The powder coating on the surface of the workpiece is heated to the specified temperature and kept for a corresponding time to melt, level and solidify, so as to obtain the surface effect of the workpiece we want. Process steps: Push the sprayed workpiece into the curing oven, heat it to a predetermined temperature (typically 185 degrees), and keep it for the corresponding time (15 minutes);

Plastic trash can

4. Decoration treatment: Purpose: To achieve a special appearance effect of the workpiece after electrostatic spraying, such as: various wood grain, pattern, and lightening. Process steps: cover light; transfer processing, etc.

1. Compared with the traditional painting process, the electrostatic spray molding process has significant advantages, does not require thinner materials, has no pollution to the environment, and is non-toxic to the human body;

2. The appearance of the coating is excellent in quality, and the adhesion and mechanical strength are strong;

3. The curing time of spraying construction is short;

4. The coating has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance; no primer is needed;


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