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Make the most of the importance of classifying plastic trash cans

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Make the most of the importance of classifying plastic trash cans

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Garbage sorting may not be a new word for a long time, but there are very few things that can be done in life. Although many plastic bins with different colors are placed in the doorway of many communities, the garbage distribution is not satisfactory.

The classification of domestic garbage is: recyclables, kitchen garbage, other garbage, and hazardous waste. For different garbage

Classification, the city management office designed four different colors of trash cans. Among them, blue corresponds to recyclables, green corresponds to kitchen garbage,


Orange corresponds to other garbage, and red corresponds to harmful garbage. Many garbage bins that should contain recyclable garbage are occupied by plastic bags and plastic packaging. In other plastic bins, there are also plastic bottles, newspapers and other recyclable garbage. This is currently in Hangzhou. The application status of the city plastic waste bins. Promoting waste sorting is a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people, but doing a good job of sorting waste is not just a matter of placing a few beautiful plastic bins. This requires long-term joint efforts of the whole society.

Sanitation trash can

First, the government should formulate waste management methods as soon as possible. Relevant departments should take effective and effective means of restraint, establish a sound waste sorting mechanism, effectively manage waste sorting, make relevant policies and regulations more detailed, and let the masses accept waste sorting from the heart.

Plastic trash can

Secondly, it is far from enough to rely on the strength of the relevant departments. The whole society must also participate in the ranks of garbage classification. To promote and realize waste classification, each of us needs to wake up the classification consciousness, understand why classification, how to classify, improve the level of knowledge of garbage classification, minimize the amount of garbage, and protect the environment. Garbage classification is a good environment, and things that bring benefits to human beings should be vigorously promoted and promoted! Everyone is doing garbage sorting and it is of great help to our environment!

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