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Chuan word blow molding tray

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Chuan word blow molding tray

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       Blow molding trays are products that are formed by a rapidly evolving plastic processing method. The blow molding equipment used in the blow molding process generally requires a relatively large blow molding machine. HMWHDPE plastic extrusion is used for one-time blow molding. During the production, HMWHDPE plastic is extruded into a tubular plastic parison. The heat is placed in the split mold. Immediately after the mold is closed, compressed air is introduced into the plastic parison to make the plastic type. The billet is inflated and adhered to the inner wall of the mold, and is cooled and shaped to release the mold, thereby obtaining blow molding trays of various specifications. At present, the volume of blown hollow containers can reach several thousand liters. The large-scale hollow molding machine that has been developed and manufactured in China has reached 2000L, and the equipment is controlled by computer. The production of blow molding trays can only be made from HMWHDPE. Therefore, the quality of its products is the best in the quality of plastic pallets. The plastic pallets produced by our company have flat nine-legged. Chuanzi. Tianzi. Mobile and other series, which are formed by one-time blow molding process. They are light, strong, beautiful, durable, easy to clean, anti-static and recyclable.

Advantage advantage

The blow molding tray can be used with mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic handling forklifts to complete the handling, turnover and stacking of goods. The four-sided forks, which are common to mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic handling forklifts, can be used in venues and environments where mechanical forklifts are used unconditionally.

The blow molding tray products are made of high molecular weight high density polyethylene resin and extruded by one blow molding. The molding process is fast and sufficient; the product is fully formed and the internal quality and performance are stable.

The blow molding tray has novel and unique design, reasonable structural design, groove design on the surface, good slip resistance and no corners.

Blowing tray load capacity: static load: 6~7T; dynamic load: 1~2T; overhead load: 1~1.5T.

Salient features

Reduced cost: blown tray high-strength, high-rigidity blow molding trays can greatly improve the rigidity and strength of the blow molding tray by improving the structural design and using special blow molding methods, and can achieve the flat surface of the blow molding tray, thereby improving the use environment. Adaptability and service life; can greatly reduce the cost of use.

Good environmental performance: blown trays are non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to acid and alkali salts, easy to clean and disinfect, non-corrosive, and waste pallets can be recycled and meet environmental requirements.

Good safety performance: no combustion, no electricity, no static electricity, non-slip, no burr flash, no other auxiliary connections, to ensure the safety of goods and operators.


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